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Vehiclean Traffic Film Removers

Product         Description              Sizes
Vehiclean PremiumConcentrated traffic film remover4x5L, 25L, 200L
Vehiclean PlusConcentrated traffic film remover25L, 200L
VehicleanTraffic film remover25L, 200L
Vehiclean SurecleanTraffic film remover25L, 200L
Vehiclean ToughKleenHeavy duty traffic film remover4x5L, 25L, 200L
Vehiclean NTFRReady to use traffic film remover25L, 200L

Vehiclean Brush Wash Detergents

Product     DescriptionSizes
Vehiclean FoamerFoaming Vehiclean detergent25L, 200L
Vehiclean ShampooExterior vehicle cleaner25L, 200L
Vehiclean Rinse AidDisperses all traces of shampoo and foam 25L
Vehiclean Cold WaxDrying agent used in car wash plants with drying equipment25L, 200L
Vehiclean Super WaxSilicone free hard wax - leaves a silky gloss finish25L
Vehiclean DelacCar dewaxer25L, 200L

Vehiclean Ancillary Products

Product    Description         Sizes
Vehiclean SwashInterior & exterior vehicle cleaner25L, 200L
Vehiclean AlugloHeavy duty aluminium cleaner4x5L, 25L
Vehiclean Windscreen WashConcentrated windscreen wash4x5L, 25L
Vehiclean De-IcerReady to use de-icing fluid6x750L, 25L
Vehiclean Distilled WaterDeionised water25L